Distill your own gin ENG | March 4, 13:30

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4 maart 2023

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Het Tuchthuis | Boommarkt 23

Have you always been curious about distilling, flavors and are you dreaming of your own special gin-blend? Then come take the masterclass with Goeie Mie!  

In this 2,5-hour workshop you’ll learn everything there is to know about distilling, flavors and history. We’ll let you try four different gins in preparation, and help you figure out the perfect recipe. Than it is distilling time! You’ll monitor temperature and dripping of your mini-pot still whilst sipping a gin-tonic of the favorite gin from the tasting. 

At the end of the workshop, your 350ML bottle is ready to take home! You can also book a duo-ticket. You’ll create a recipe together and distill a double quantity to take home in two separate bottles or one big bottle.


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Single person
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Double ticket
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Prijs per ticket:  120,00
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  • Het Tuchthuis | Boommarkt 23
  • Boommarkt 23
  • Leiden
  • Nederland

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  • 4 maart 2023 13:30   -   16:00
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